Today, all the money existing on our Planet, all our "resources", all "commodities", the efforts of all united people, organizations, nations, are not sufficient to create one little bee—a bug. So much for true "values"!

It is not just the mechanical or bio-chemical functions that little creature is capable of; it is its perplexing intelligence! That wonderful creation feels fear of being eaten; it feels anger against intruders; it remembers the paths to sources of sugar; it selects; it knows others of its kind; it has a tiny little soul, and it cares for its dear life . . . That is CREATION, dear people.

GREEN LEAFYet, many dare to destroy what they will never be able to create because, they say, "they know". Some knowledge! We have absolutely no idea what knowledge truly means. Only the brightest of the brightest minds of our Civilization may discover one day that "we have no idea what knowledge really is".

Part of it, however, is HERE!


  A1: Big Bang versus Little Pop
  A2: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Dimming of the Universe
  A3: The Subatomic - Intro one
  A4: Antigravity and Advanced Technologies
  A5: Cold Fusion
  A6: Cold Fusion - Continued
  A7: Mathematical Modeling
  A8: Atoms and Molecules
  A9: Who are we?
  A10: Primary Energies, Certitude Factors, and the Universal Imbalance Principle - One
  A11: About Mental Powers
  A12: The Greatest Science Fiction Story ever - Homo Sapiens
  A13: The Greatest Science Fiction Story ever - Who are we?
  A14: The Greatest Science Fiction Story ever - Sumer, Egypt, Maya
  A15: The Greatest Science Fiction Story ever - The Mystery of Mysteries!
  A16: Global Picture - Time and Matter since old times
  A17: The War on Terror
  A18: Elementary Physics and Chemistry
  A19: Propulsion - Plasma Jet, Ionic Jet, and the Antigravity engines
  A20: Propulsion and Energy Today
  A21: Unidentified Flying Objects
  A22: Interstellar Travel Technologies- Basic considerations
  A23: Primary Energies, Certitude Factors, and the Universal Imbalance Principle - Two
  A24: The Perplexing PID Control Inertia
  A25: Driving Automotive Injectors
  A26: The Name of the Game - The Fall of Communism
  A27: Bad Juju! Katrina ...
  A28: The Enigmatic Presidential Smile
  A29: Encryption Codes
  A30: Voynich Manuscript
  A31: Could Destiny be Changed?
  A32: Gioconda's Smile
  A33: Our Unhappy World
  A34: Social Psychology - The Individual
  A35: The Price of Crude
  A36: Guantanamo Bay
  A37: Social Psychology - The Basics
  A38: Social Psychology - Levels of Intelligence
  A39: Social Psychology - Communication
  A40: Social Psychology - Evolution
  A41: Women are Totally Different from Men
  A42: USA - Little Social Analysis


Each person on our Planet agrees that "reality is never what it appears to be", therefore this is no news. However, what the people do not know is, reality can be different, very much different, totally different, completely different and, finally, different in ways you wouldn't even dream about it! This is the kind of stuff you are going to discover in the following pages.

Our books and our site-pages are addressed to "intellectuals" and to "the future to be intellectuals". However, it appears there is an alarming state of things in the entire World these days: ordinary people are very proud to state that "they ARE NOT intellectuals"!

Unfortunately, many times their actions (at least in dealing with us here, at the Publishing House COMPLEMENT CONTROL) prove that, indeed, most of our clients are not intellectuals. It is clear that people do not know and they do not understand lately "what is an intellectual", only this is no wonder given the disastrous existing level of social education Planet-wide.

Computer Revolution people read more/less

Now, the best way to explain this concept (so that "some people" would understand a little bit of it) is to portrait how behaves a person that is not an intellectual—we are talking here about a behavior that is automatic and instinctual, psychologically-specific to non-intellectuals.

Non-intellectual people are introverted, adamant, perfectly un-aware of what happens around them with other people. Sure, some of them do say "they care", and even they imagine that "they care about other people around them" but in reality, deep down inside their souls/consciousness, there is only "I, I, I, and me, me, me". Taken to a larger social scale, intellectual-refractory societies are focused only on "we, we, we, and on us, us, us" in total disregard of our common Civilization, of our common History, of our common Planet, and of our (also common) HUMAN SPECIES. Once again non-intellectuals are not aware of what happens around them, and all their social interactions (regardless of how insignificant they may be) are based on personally-selfish principles ("my hard earned money", "my happiness", "my well-being", "my . . . whatever".)

Such individuals need to read and understand good boos (as are the ones we carry) for about two decades, in order to become AWARE of what they really are, of what other people really are, of what our society really is, and to sense of what is actually happening socially with them, and around them.


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