» Question 1: "What about O G POPA's professional qualifications?"

There are very many tough Grammar professionals out there and, among them, we can surely identify a few expert linguist that are, no doubt about it, very good indeed. In the other side, O G POPA is an exception: he has replaced formal training in Grammar with a lot of . . . passion and love.

» Question 2: "Well, then, what is the difference?"

Let's put it this way:
  a) professional linguists promote a
RED approach to Grammar;
  b) O G POPA suggests a
BLUE trend.

The RED [ad hoc] label refers to the famous "Descriptive Grammar", as an endless chain of complex fantasies about Grammar—traded among professionals. The BLUE trend is the "Classic Grammar" in a simple, concrete, logic, functional interpretation of grammar, addressed to whoever wants to learn.

O G POPA has taken Classic Grammar onto new grounds of scientific development.

Principles Functions and Elements of Grammar

Before anything else, please read our Motivations page, then come back here.

The seminar we currently offer is "Principles Functions and Elements of Grammar" [based on the unpublished book ISBN 978 606 92635 87 bearing the same name], and it comes in two package-versions:

     1. normal, spanning on a 3 weeks of 4 hrs/day (3*5*4=60 hrs in total);
     2. extended, of 4 weeks, also of 4 hrs/day (4*5*4=80 hrs in total).

Included in each package are the complete seminar replication copyrights, plus the training of one assistant [more assistants, up to a maximum of five, may be additionally contracted].

Now, although the seminar is about the classic English Grammar [presented by the very author to an audience of +/-100 people] it needs to be highlighted that the principles, the functions, and the elements of Grammar work exactly the same in any language known. This is in fact the Standard Grammar (also named classic, traditional, or universal).

The nice rewarding aspect is the fact that the English Grammar vector used to convey the general-purpose knowledge is one of the simplest on the Planet, though also a most potent one. Practically, the clients gain a double benefit: a thorough presentation of the English Grammar—as never before in history—plus a practical approach to the (fundamental) grammar of any other specific language.

This seminar is addressed to Universities, to private (non-profit) educational organizations, or to government educational institutions interested in building up a proper, socially beneficial, Grammar training course for their future generations of citizens. For information, please contact SC Complement Control SRL using one email address (or more) of the following:

Additional details may be found in article "Classic vs. descriptive grammar".
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