Beginning with North America and West Europe as the front runners, then adding the intellectual nurseries of East Europe (plus Russia, India, and China), and then ending with "the rest of the Nations", there is a dire EDUCATIONAL CRISIS worldwide!

Let's take the relevant example of USA: their children end up highschool in a primitive mental development state of basic needs, and then most of them are doomed to remain that way—perfectly unaware!—for the rest of their natural days.

The tragedy is the fact that each Government on our beautiful Planet is well aware of this pandemic degradation, yet they refuse to implement any drastic, serious, changes. Even worse, coming straight from the United States of America, for more than two decades by now, the action-principle to follow is "sustainability"! [Quite so, Sirs, as if disasters need to be "sustained" . . . somehow !]

Roughly around 1976, the USA Government decided to take Grammar out of the highschool curriculum. It happened that some brilliant linguist scientists ventured the idea that grammar needs to adapt to the "natural" trend of language development, not vice-versa. Perfectly true . . . about 10 000 years ago. Today, however, during these febrile digital programming days we're faced with, learning such astounding diverse and complex technologies may be achieved ONLY with a standard logic interpretation of Grammar.

Look here: in any nation, it takes about two "generations" to fathom the social implications of such educational directive. As a note, one social generation spans on twenty years—give or take.

Let's consider the USA experience. In 1976 the USA Government takes out grammar from highschool curriculum—excellent! The "next generation" of citizens to come up on social stage, up to 1996, have benefited greatly of their highschool grammar education, therefore they gave us the extraordinary Digital/Computer Revolution we enjoy right these moments.

However, the next generation of USA citizens to take over (the  grammar-depleted ones, from 1996 to 2016+/-) managed to push the entire USA economy into a neverending crisis. Even in computers, since 2002 (after MS Windows XP) things have degraded steadily, with no hope in sight by now [true, that has been done intentionally, though the only aspect important is the social-users point of view]. 

There is no doubt about it, all other Nations on our Planet do follow the USA "development" example to the letter. Of course, everybody realizes that we go deeper into this educational crisis year after year, though they wait and hope for possible good solutions coming from "reputable sources"—as was, a few decades ago, the impressive USA culture. Unfortunately, today, the USA themselves navigate bravely through a far deeper educational crisis than anybody else's!

Principles Functions and Elements of Grammar
As always, the most difficult problems have a dazzlingly simple solution. Let's put it this way.

Grammar is the fundament of any education; therefore, when Grammar is wrong, unclear, or fuzzy, then the entire upper educational buildup is prone to fail. On the other hand, if we ensure the students get a proper grammar education (simple, clear, and logic), then the students are going to correct themselves whenever they encounter any unclear educational issues. Even more, they become able to create something good—which is exactly what our society expects them to do.

Now, what we have to offer in this site, in these pages, are precisely the means needed—worldwide.
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