GREEN LEAFAmazingly, INTELLIGENCE has a fantastic quality: IT IS PERFECTLY RANDOM! That means, intelligence may spring out unpredictably, say, from France, Nepal, Bolivia, Russia, Ghana or . . . from Romania—the birth-place is totally irrelevant. Intelligence just cannot be nurtured, cultivated, selected. That is the way The Great Creator has fixed it for us, and we should take it as such.

Of course, a serious education is mandatory in order to polish intelligence, though education alone cannot "generate" intelligence. Note that we are talking here about "natural intelligence", not about the "artificially enhanced one"—via education. The difference is, natural intelligence can be thousand times more powerful than ANY professorially cultivated  one.

Now, in our particular case (and to a far lesser degree of comparison), the fact that we sell our products from Romania, not from Canada, means exactly nothing. The amount of intelligence included in our products is entirely not dependent on the place we sell them from.


Before anything else, we need to point out that people do not buy & read books as they used to do it, a few decades ago. Even worse, the trend is increasing (negatively). What can we do is, we have to live with it. However, this new social reality is changing the way a small Publishing House (as is Complement Control / Corollary Theorems) works: we need to set severe limits on our publishing activity.

Another fact is, people still believe they can find anything they want over the Internet. Not, so, dear friends. First of all, the Internet is, most of it, misleading; it is a giant market-cheating place. Regardless, people still try to build-up "things" using  bits and pieces taken/hacked from tens of different Internet pages. Well, things do not always work as planned because, after 4 decades of hectic Internet experience, we learned our lesson: "if you want to keep something valuable for yourself—and for your paying customers only—do not post/load it on the Internet." The good stuff we have to offer is not displayed on our site pages—sorry about this.

Another fact, an alarming one this time, is the development of the IT industry: it becomes easier by the day to copy information (from books, Internet pages, etc). Fact is, the Publishing Houses cannot protect their copyrighted data anymore, and this new dire reality forces us to effectively cease publishing books (in print and in electronic format). What we can do instead is, we can present our new books to the public orally, via seminars.

Principles Functions and Elements of Grammar

Hundreds of hackers strive, month after month, to penetrate our site in various ways; however, they should better mark the following aspects.

1. The information in our sites is totally censored
. Our sites are used only as vectors to convey descriptions, introductions, samples, plus contact info. Do not expect to discover plenty of useful info/data on our pages because there isn't much there left.

2. We do not publish (new) books anymore
(+amazing articles, +AG pictures, +new ideas, +whatevers). Any new advanced information is going to be conveyed to the clients orally, from now on, via seminars, or confidently to one customer only.

3. As of 2018 our publishing activity is set to "incidental", since we focus onto more lucrative activities.

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