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Q2: ". . . actually, ESL students are obliged to buy 3 or 4 grammar books of a suite to really learn the essence of the English grammar. However, it seems that your book is complete and this is a true . . ."

". . . when I started my English courses I attended an online course using an intermediate Cambridge University Press Grammar book, and resource from the World Wide Web. This is what led me to buying your book, because I never discovered such a complete reference . . ."
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From:  D G - Quebec, Canada

A2. Any language, English included, may be easily learned and assimilated when starting with its Grammar. However, a lot of Internet sites and countless TV shows promote today "learning English by conversation". No, it doesn't work that way, dear readers.

Note that it is one thing learning to speak English; however, controlling the English meaning (orally and in writing) just cannot be achieved via conversation. In fact, most English natives (and alarmingly many native school graduates) exhibit great problems these days when they try to explain anything--in addition to weather, games, slang, or fashion-stuff. Fact is, if we do not know Grammar, then we have no idea of what we are (really) taking about!

Grammar is the simple (though perfectly sufficient) structure of a language: its skeleton. Once you become able to control it, then the addition of new words/meanings/ideas becomes a routine task. In addition, note that Grammar is a universal science: it works the same for any language on the Planet (and in the entire Universe)!

By the time LSEG4 was issued in June 2014, we have been working on (universal) Grammar for about two decades. We have researched tens of reputable grammar books, and hundreds of Internet articles, therefore we know what it is out there in terms of (useful) English grammar. Logically Structured English Grammar 4 is indeed the most thorough/complete reference of grammar available on the market, because it was designed that way on purpose. However, note that being just "complete" is not sufficient for a good grammar book. A serious English grammar book is required:

1. to be indeed complete, starting from Phonetics, and ending in Punctuation (plus Style);
2. to present grammatical topics logically;
3. to present grammatical mechanisms in simple structures, easy to understand (even visually, if possible, to help beginners most);
4. to present grammar from two perspectives: Morphology and Syntax;
5. to present the "universal English grammar", not some obscure local, regional, or national version.

Each element in the above vertical list is extremely important. For example, in order to implement a logic structure in LSEG4 we (at Corollary Theorems) had to go back to the grammar first designed by mathematicians, in 17th century! Unfortunately, it is a known fact that (Grammar and also) English grammar is no longer taught properly in schools, anywhere on the Planet.

The trick is, if you want to learn English grammar, then you have to spend a few good years in "training courses", and you have to pay tons of good money for that. Mastering English grammar is no joke. However, the good news is, now you can do that the easy way, by yourself, with LSEG4!


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